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Code Blue & Process Timers

A USER CHANGEABLE COLOR option is now available on event timers in lieu of fixed color displays.


BRG Precision Code Blue Timers have the advanced functionality required for most timer applications. These displays can automatically switch from an accurate real time display to a short duration up or down timer or they can stay in timer mode constantly.

The starting time value in down timer applications can be set up to 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds by scrolling up or down with the standard preset/reset buttons or an optional remote control. Once the timer has reached it's ending value, the display can either automatically return to a real time display or hold for up to several minutes before returning to a real time display. Optional Timer Indicator Lights with a re programmable warning point can be added to notify status in the timer process. Sound devices can be added for audible notification as well. Seven inch and larger displays come with a remote control.

Option Description
RF Remote Control
Infrared Remote Control
Replacement or extra Infrared Remote Control
Wired remote control with 30 ft. of cable
Wired Wall Control
External control line (allows customer to create their own control interface)

Piezo Buzzer 86 dB

Electronic Alert Horn 124 dB
8" alarm bell 84 dB
Tripod for mobile operation
Timer indicator lights, small ultra bright on front face

IR remote Wired Wall control Wired control

GSA Schedule GS-02F-0030U

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