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Ethernet Clocks

USER CHANGEABLE COLOR is standard on all BRG LED digital clocks.
This feature allows you to change the display LED color anytime you want.  Available colors are: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan & White.

High Reliability, Ethernet Commercial Digital Clocks
Ethernet Synchronized Digital Clocks connect to internal or external network time servers to provide precise, synchronized time throughout your facility. With Ethernet synchronization, your clocks will match the time shown on computers and other devices on the network. Clocks can display 12 or 24 hour formats. Clocks operate on 100-240 VAC at 50-60 Hz.

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Now with 3X more LED's than competing products!

BRG 2.5" and 4.0" Digit Ethernet Clocks synchronize to a NTP Time Server for one of the simplest synchronization methods on the market

BRG Basic Ethernet Calendar ClocksBRG Ethernet Calendar Clocks give you a space saving package to display time and date in one location

BRG Ethernet Circle Line Synchronized Clock SystemBRG Circle Line Ethernet clocks provide a unique look to your office, lobby or boardroom

Now all clocks can display the same, accurate, legal time. BRG commercial digital clocks are specifically designed for applications where precision and reliability are of utmost importance. The clocks have their time synchronized through an ethernet connection to a master time.


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