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ETCD 200 Event Timers

USER CHANGEABLE COLOR is standard on all BRG LED digital clocks.

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200 Series Countdown Timers


1.8" red LEDs
Countdown: Days - Hours - Minutes - Seconds
Available with stock graphics or custom graphics
Dimensions: 24.25"W x 24.25"H

Upper graphic area: 23.25"W x 5.25H
Lower graphic area: 18.14"W x 15.0"H

Standard graphics are printed on matte finish vinyl that is protected by plexiglas.

See the video below for details

ETCD with non-adhesive option  How to change a graphic with the non-adhesive option
Setting / resetting target time    


Purchase a Stock Graphic or Order a Custom Graphic

All of the Timers come with count up/ countdown capabilities and 1.8" red LEDs unless otherwise specified. Lead Time for a Custom Supplied Graphics is approximately 3 weeks.

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Custom Graphic Event Timer
We print your graphics

Model # ETCD200
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Time Remaining - Target
Model # ETCD200-01

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Time Remaining - Stars
Model # ETCD200-02

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Time Remaining - Ribbons1
Model # ETCD200-03

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Time Remaining - Ribbons2
Model # ETCD200-04

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Time Remaining - Grand Opening
Model # ETCD200-05

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sdfTime Remaining - American Flag
Model # ETCD200-06

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Time Remaining - Fireworks 1
Model # ETCD200-07

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Time Remaining - Fireworks 4
Model # ETCD200-11

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weTime Remaining - Stars & Strips
Model # ETCD200-12

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Time Remaining - Bulldozer
Model # ETCD200-13

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Time Remaining - Construction
Model # ETCD200-14

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ETCDTime Remaining - The Office People
Model # ETCD200-16

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