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Event, Fitness, Safety & Operational Timers

USER CHANGEABLE COLOR is standard on all BRG LED digital clocks.

BRG manufactures digital timers for several applications, including surgery, sporting events, fitness, safety and countdowns to special events. Click on an image below to learn more.

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BRG Event Countdown, Count up timers are perfect to mark the start of an event or countdown to the completion of an event

BRG Event Timers are perfect for counting down to the end of a special project, construction completion, graduation, a sporting event, retirement, etc... We offer several sizes, generic graphics or custom graphics for your special event.

BRG Fitness, Sports & Short Duration timers are perfect for fitness events, sports events, charity events

BRG's Fitness/Sports Timer is perfect fro track meets, marathons, fund raisers, auto racing qualifying and more. With large bright LEDs these timers can easily be placed outdoors on tripods. Heavy Duty water proof carrying cases are also available for storing and transporting the units safely.

BRG Safety & Accident Free Timers

The BRG Safety and Accident Free safety timers are a great way to promote safety in the work place. Place one of these at the time clock or break area to promote your safety record and keep safety in front of your employees. These timers are available with generic graphics or can be customized to show you message.

BRG Code Blue and Process Timers

Operational Timers provide a visual reminder that time is running out with the Red, Yellow and Green LEDs at the left of the time. Simply set the event time, When you want to give a warning that time is running out and your ready to time your process. These timers can count up or count down.

Below is a list of some of the different timers that we offer.

  • Up/Down Elapsed
  • Code Blue
  • Process
  • Auto looping
  • Fitness
  • Production
  • Leading Edge
  • Speech
  • Machine Downtime
  • Alarm
  • Stoplight
  • Machine Control
  • Computer Control
  • Synchronized
  • Message Association

Every timer operation is unique. We highly encourage you to contact our knowledgeable sales staff to discuss your specific requirement.




Call 866-252-2704 or 316-530-8854


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