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BRG F5 Frame

The Strongest Aluminum Frame Available!

The BRG F5 Frame is the strongest Aluminum Frame on the market.  Replacing our F1 frame, the F5 is 50% stonger than our original frame.

When BRG was notified that our F1 Frame was discontinued.  We could have found a less expensive altrnative for our frames.  But we didn't.  BRG sourced a stronger frame.  A frame that offers several advantages over our old frame like:

  • Flush Wall Mounting
  • Able to easily pulg into the back of clock
  • EasyMount mounting hardware
  • Added Strength, eliminating the need for corner bracing.

And the best thing about our new frame is there is no cost increase to our clocks.

Features & Advantages:

  • Black anodized brushed Aluminum finish
  • 50% stronger than our discontinued F1 & F4 frame
  • Replaces the discontinued F1 & F4 frame
  • Fits flush against the wall
  • EasyMount wall mounting brackets for quick, safe installation
  • Extra depth behind clock for:
    • USB, Ethernet, electrical connections
    • Conduit connections
    • Electrical cord storage
    • Eliminates the need for corner brackets that caused the older frames to not be flush with the wall.

Even with the flush mounting of the F5 Frame, you can have the electrical cord extend out the top or bottom of the clock if you don't have an electrical outlet directly behind the clock.


BRG’s Time Zone Clocks are Proudly Made in the USA.

As you can see in the photo on the left, the F5 Frame has an aluminum box built in the frame for added strength and durability. The extra depth allows for easy connections and a flush fit against the wall.  It's only 7/8" differernce in depth from our discountinued F1 Frame.

They are built to last.

They are built strong.

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GSA Schedule GS-02F-0030U

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