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Style 665

USER CHANGEABLE COLOR is standard on all BRG LED digital clocks. 

BRG 665H-C User Changeable Multi-Color Time Zone Clock.

BRG Time Zone Clocks are accurate for life without the need for manual or external time updates.  A GUI touch screen IR remote control is available to ease configuration.

BRG's 665 series allows you to change the color of any zone or zones with ease.

  • Change the color of 1 Zone, Several Zones or All Zones
  • Program time zones as situations change
  • 7 Colors Available: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan or White
  • Clear smoked lens to highlight the 7 different colors
  • Highlight your operations area or hot zone by programming a separate color
  • Make Zulu Time stand out by programming it in a different color so it will stand out
  • Tired of red LEDs switch to another color anytime.
  • Provides great flexibility
  • Adapt easily to a changing world

Introducing BRG's New Time Commander Graphical Remote Control Programmer Option

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Even though our fixed zone time zone clocks come with an IR remote control to change LED zone color and brightness, BRG offers the Time Commander Option.

  • Allows you to change the:
    • LED Colors
    • Intensity (global or by zone)
  • Use on multiple time zone clocks
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates the need for a computer interface
  • Wireless IR remote
  • Color touch screen for ease
  • Large 7 inch color LCD touch screen display
  • Rechargeable Battery

The Time Commander is only compatible with BRG Time Zone Clocks Manufactured after October 2018


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A USER CHANGEABLE COLOR option is now available on most digital clocks. Also, a new GUI touch screen IR remote control, with built in help screens, is available for time zone clock reconfiguration.

Time Zone Display Style 665

The BRG 665B Time Zone Display is a 9 zone Time Zone Clock with 2.5 inch LEDs zones around the perimeter and 4.0 inch LEDs in the center zone, world zone clock, time zone display, UTC Clock, Multi Location Clock, Zulu Clock, Multi-location Clock, time zone displaysModel 665B with Sample Zones BRG Time Accuracy Meter

The 665 series time zone clocks have bar-segment LED time with white vinyl zone labels below the time of each zone. 665 models display 9 time zones.

  • All zones are precisely synchronized with one another.
  • Factory synchronized with the U.S. Atomic Clock.
  • Accurate for Life – no manual adjustments are required for the life of the display, no sync wires, no radios, no problems.
  • Time and configuration are maintained during shipping and power outages
  • Operating Voltage: 90-265 volts AC.
  • Many control, sync methods, power and color options are available
  • Includes BRG's F5 Anodized Black Aluminum Frame  Learn More

For easy clock management, an infrared (IR) remote control is included with every 665 model. You can specify a radio (RF) remote, if preferred for no additional charge.

Now with 3X more LED's than competing products!

Model Zones

Peri-Meter Disp.

Center Disp.

Label Size White Vinyl

Viewing Distance


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Multi-Color LED
Clock with Smoked Lens Online

665A 9 1.8" 2.5" 0.75"/1.0" 40-75 ft. 20.25 32.25
665B 9 2.5" 4.0" 1"/1.5" 75-100 ft. 26.25 39.25

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Color Options

Red is the standard color
Blue is optional
Green is optional

Photo Below is a 6610E-C with user changeable multi-color LEDs & frosted lens
Change to red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, cyan or white any time you want

Closeup of the 6610E-C with with user changeable multi-color LEDs, frosted lens

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